Fast, Cost-Effective Glass and Silicon Based Micro-fabrication Services

NEWS – Advanced Silicon Processing

Citrogene is excited to announce that we now offer advanced silicon processing, high precision silicon drilling, marking and advanced dicing.  

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Citrogene Incorporated was founded with the mission to become the premier high precision glass and silicon microfabrication partner providing microfabrication services that address the needs of the ever-expanding Life Sciences, Consumer Electronics, Semiconductor, Microelectronics and Photonics Markets.  We have established that we can provide fast, and cost effective components and full assemblies and be able to scalable to high volume production.

Here at Citrogene we only work with glass and/or silicon as we know that glass and silicon bring a set of very unique properties such as mechanical strength, liquid and gas impermeability, optical transmission, low fluorescence background, scratch resistance, thermally stable, chemical resistance, biocompatibility and recyclability it can be recycled helping the environment. Because of these unique properties, they are perfect for devices used in life sciences and biomedical applications as well as a number of applications in semiconductor/microelectronics, photonics and consumer electronics.

However, the traditional fabrication methods which are being used today to machine glass, such as mechanical cutting/dicing, laser ablation, waterjet cutting, and wet/dry etching are not capable of creating complex high aspect ratio microstructures with curved features, that meet the requirements that designers and engineers are looking to achieve to make their ideas a reality. Recently, there has been developments in selective laser assisted etching to make these parts. However, the process is very costly, time consuming and not scalable.

Here at Citrogene, we have developed a number of advanced microfabrication technologies to address all these problems and we are working with customer everyday to help them to achieve their design and cost goals. We call this new technology the Citrogene Solution™ and it has proven to provide outstanding quality and precision that is easily scalable from prototype to mass production. The Citrogene Solution is also fast, and economical and more importantly it does not require the need for costly nano-fabrication devices or post processing steps that as what is required with the more traditional methods.

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