In 2016, Dr.  Abbas Hosseini a pioneer in the field of novel glass micro-fabrication technologies joined together with a group of experienced polymer chemists with the focus of advancing the science, engineering and manufacturing of glass-based devices to form Citrogene, Inc.

Working with our researchers, Dr. Hosseini and his team developed a number of advanced key manufacturing techniques that allows Citrogene to take complex patterns/geometries and produce those features in glass with extreme precision, we have called these techniques, The Citrogene Solution™. Using the Citrogene Solution we can produce miniature micro-electrical systems (MEMS) such as microfluidic chips or lab-on-a-chip devices with integrated micropumps, gates/valves, reaction chamber/mixers, bio-farms, cell sorters and sequencers for the life science and bio-tech markets. The Citrogene Solution is also being applied in the consumer electronics and semiconductor markets for producing high precision shadow masks, PCB solder masks, Quartz oscillators, haptic touch screens, substrates for wearables and adaptive optics systems. Here at Citrogene we are approached daily with new, novel high precision glass products.

Citrogene is working with customers in the life sciences, medical device manufacturers, semiconductor, consumer electronics, aerospace and also with major universities to apply the Citrogene Solution on their glass fabrication challenges and helping them bring their glass idea/products to life. Click on the “Connect” button and set up a time to speak with one of our technical experts about your glass product. You can also submit your glass product design files and we would be happy to provide you feedback and/or pricing to produce your design in glass.