Advances in the field of medicine and technology have naturally lead to an increase in demand for micromachined components and devices to be used in medical devices. In this post we’ll cover how micromachining is helping benefit the medical field through it’s ability to create highly intricate, highly precise systems, microfluidics, flow cells, organ-on-chip, and lab-on-chip devices. Let’s get started!

What is micromachining for medical devices?

Micromachining refers to the manufacture of parts at a micro scale, typically at 500µ (.020in) or less. With the latest advancements in machining technologies, extremely small designs have become a very viable solution for production grade parts. Miniaturization is set to pave the way for many new advances in medical device technologies.

Who uses micromachined parts in the medical industry?

Numerous branches of the medical industry benefit from advances in micromachining. Medical part manufacturers, prototype developers, pharmaceutical companies, surgical devices, and many more are reaping the benefits due to micromachining’s ability to manufacturing components and devices at a micrometer scale.

Examples of Micromachined Devices in the Medical Field

As we’ve mentioned previously, micromachined components and parts can be found in just about any device in use today in the medical field. Here’s a few examples of how micromachining is impacting medical devices:

Challenges in Micromachining for Medical Devices

Micromachining companies manufacturing parts, devices, and components to be used in the medical field need to be aware of challenges they might face. For starters, micromachined parts must guarantee the safety and usability of it. Creating components for orthopedic devices, spine, cardiovascular, ednovascular devices, pelvic, trauma, opthamalogy, and other medical markets requires specific knowledge of proper metals, plastics, and even glass to be used. Each micromachined medical part must also pass rigorous quality testing to ensure accuracy and on-time delivery.

Citrogene: Micromachining Experts for Medical Devices

We’ve engineered and manufactured a wide array of precise components for something as detailed and intricate as the human body. Whether you need a prototype machined for an industry-changing implant, manufacturing services of small, intricate components for surgical instruments, or have a design that other machine shops cannot accomplish with precise accuracy, Citrogene welcomes your challenges. Our trained microfabrication professionals will work alongside you from start to finish, accomplishing even the most impossible machining goals. Submit your design and schedule a consultation today to get started.