Advances in micromachining has lead to many developments in a wide range of industries. One such industry benefiting from microfabrication advancements is biotechnology, and in particular biosensor applications. In this post, we’ll discuss exactly what is a biosensor and provide examples of practical applications.

What is a Biosensor?

By definition biosensors are analytical devices which include a combination of biological detecting elements like a sensor systems and transducer. When compared to other diagnostic devices, biosensors are more advanced in selectivity and sensitivity. The applications of biosensors mainly include checking ecological pollution control, in the agricultural and food industries. The main features of biosensors are stability, cost, sensitivity, and reproducibility.

Biosensor Applications

Biosensor devices include a biological element as well as a physiochemical detector. The main function of biosensors is to detect analytes. Thus, the applications for biosensors is vast. These devices find applications in the medical, food, and marine sectors. Recently, biosensors have become increasingly popular due to the variety of applications and fields of study in which they can be used.

Examples of Biosensor Applications include:

  • Common Healthcare Checks
  • Metabolites Measurements
  • Sickness Screening
  • Insulin Treatment
  • Psychotherapy & Disease Diagnosis
  • Agricultural and Veterinary Applications
  • Ecological Pollution Control
  • Drug Development
  • Quality Control
  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing and Organ Replacement

As you can see, biosensors are finding increase usage in a wide variety of applications and industries. For this reason, we are also seeing a necessity of gradually increasingly complicated biosensor designs. Thankfully, advances in micromachining and microfabrication allows for companies to custom build biosensors and parts by partnering with the right microfabrication experts.

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