Flow cells are a vital part in understanding cell counts, analysis, spectroscopy, immunoassays, genetic sequencing and more. At Citrogene, we specialize in manufacturing glass flow cells that allow for real time visual analysis of materials. In this post, we will discuss exactly what is a flow cell and how they work. Let’s dive in.

What is a Flow Cell?

Flow cells are samples cells designed so that liquid samples can be continuously flowed through the beam path. Flow cells are useful for samples that can be damaged by a light source. In flow cells, new samples are continuously replenished so that the damage does not interfere with the signal. In other cases, flow cells are useful in situations where samples need to vary continuously, such as gradually changing concentration amounts.

A benefit of glass flow cells is that observers of the process can examine and analyze in real time, without having to rely on delayed analysis. Furthermore, glass flow cells are re-usable, affordable, and can be built at scale.

100 hole flow cell

Flow Cell Applications

Flow Cell technology has been used in many field applications across a wide variety of industries. One of the most common applications of flow cell technology is in water cooling systems. Water cooling systems can include once-through, open-recirculating, and closed-loop cooling systems. These systems are most commonly found in petroleum refineries, nuclear power plants, fossil fuel power plants, chemical processing plants, paper mills, and food processing plants.

Flow cells are very useful for localized corrosion monitoring, for failure cause analysis, and for the performance based optimization and control of chemical treatments.

Other applications that have made use of flow cell technology have been seen in oil-field systems, iron-oxide cleaning process, boiler condensate corrosion, and aluminum corrosion in engine coolants.

Citrogene: Glass Flow Cell Manufacturer

With the wide range of industries making use of flow cell technology, companies need to be sure that the flow cell devices they’re using are the best of the best. When it comes to producing the ideal flow cell technology for your specific needs, there’s only one flow cell partner to consider: Citrogene. Our proprietary process allows us to create precise, customized, state-of-the-art flow cells based on your needs, all produced in glass. Contact us today to learn more.